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Gas Training Courses


Gas Safe Courses Glasgow

  • 20.01.14 | Employer based Gas Safe Courses in Scotland with 100% Guaranteed Work Placement, Part or Full Time, In House with CTSGroup. Training includes ACS, Gas Registration  and Work Start Opportunities in gas safe engineering.

  • 19.02.12 | CTSGroup have teamed up with the Guild of Professional Gas Engineers and Administrators to provide free membership and ongoing professional Gas Training and Development in Glasgow. | more

Gas Safe Engineer Training Courses in Glasgow

Our Gas Training and Work Placement is guaranteed locally to you in Glasgow on days to suit because we are the work placement and approved training providers. All training and solo assessments completed by verified A1/V32 NVQ Gas Assessors on the job gas training in your hometown area of Glasgow.

Guaranteed Gas Work Placement WIth CTSgroup

"Everything CTSGroup said it would be. I was gas refgistered before my training was completed and even after starting my business CTSGroup are still assisting me on site".

Martin O'Brien, Cardiff

Gas Training Assessors wanted in London

Anyone who thinks they will become a gas professional earning top money in Glasgow just by doing a quick college gas course needs to think again.  The depth of training needed and especially the on Job Solo Assessments and references are essential to starting your own business or gaining employment.  90% of my training was completed on the job as a trainee engineer with CTSGroup and I had to do it all. An Incredible Experience that was worth every penny. If you want more than just a qualification, and you actually want to turn your training into an income then this program is for you". 

Trevor Jones

Gas Portfolio Building

This Gas Training Program is unique to Glasgow because the training is delivered as one of our own engineers throughout. You dont have to find a work placement, we are the work placement.

homes study courses

Adult Gas Apprenticeship and Training Schemes - 30 Places Available for the coming year i

Gas Certification with City and Guilds

Professional Trainers working on the job with our adult apprentices in Glasgow

Supervised NVQ On Job Gas Assessments

Electrical Safety testing and fault finding during Gas Portfolio Building Session

Supervised NVQ On Job Gas Assessments

Real Life Students who have trained with us and secured employment or started their own businesses after completing one of our training and work start programs in Glasgow

Supervised NVQ On Job Gas Assessments

Key Program Students will undertake the Gas Safety Management and Auditor Gas Training Course in Lodnon for additional expanded professional opportunities in the industry.

Gas Safety Auditor

Gas Training in Glasgow, and the whole of Scotland


Gas Training and Registration in London


Only 30 Places a Year on our Adult Apprenticeship and Kick-Start to Gas Training Programs in Glasgow - For Select Clients 

If you live or work in Glasgow, Edinburgh or areas Scotland and are looking to become a gas registered engineer on one of our standard training courses or adult apprenticeship programs to undertake gas service, repairs, or gas maintenance in Glasgow, England, Scotland or Wales you have come to the right place. With costs from as low as £990 for our standard gas courses to £6900 + vat for our adult gas apprenticeships in Glasgow, CTSGroup offer the perfect employer based gas engineer training and work start opportunities in Glasgow.  Our Gas Engineer Training programs in Glasgow include Your Essential gas Qualifications, Your On the job training under our own gas registration one to one with our nationally approved gas trainers and assessors locally in your home town or at one of our national work sites. We include your acs assessments either inhouse or as a local college placement, before entering you onto a Kick Start to Work Gas Registration and Solo Work Expereince Program, unique to CTSGroup in Glasgow. You are bthen added to our Most Wanted Job Board for Glasgow Based Employers to see.

For Details of costs and all our gas courses CLICK HERE - or for our adult apprenticeship call us for a brochure, or continue reading below

Gas Safe Courses Scotland

CTSGroup deliver gas training, gas work start programs and career development gas training for new entrants, gas engineers, supervisors, administrators and managers for some very well known companies in the UK and around the World. We help fill their technical, gas engineering, administrative and gas contract management vacancies. Our Professional Glasgow Gas Engineer Training, Get to Work in Gas  and Business Start Up Gas Training Programs deliver the most advanced new gas engineers to the Glasgow and UK market. Our Grade 1, nationally recognised gas technician training, assessment, gas registration and get to work gas training programs in Glasgow and the rest of the UK, are acclaimed for doing something very special. We offer our gas trainees REAL PROSPECTS for getting work in London or anywhere in the UK during their training becausse our gas training and business start training opportunities incorporate all the essential components  required to successfully secure employment or be self employed on completion.  We can even give you your first few jobs in. This exclusive Glasgow and UK Based gas engineer training program offers our students the perfect training environment, engaged as a 'trainee senior technician' with CTSGroup on our gas registration. Stage 4 of your gas training  is completed as a gas registered engineer with CTSGroup in London or whatever your UK Location, building solo gas work experience whilst we promote you to prospective employers. During this time we will expand your  professional skills into key areas including gas boiler repair, or service technician, supervisor, gas contract manager, auditor etc. For self employed trainees or business start up students gas training in Glasgow, you will receive your own gas licence card at this stage and commence your client building with CTSGroups business and marketing team. To add further vitality to your work applications you will also be registered as an accredited gas engineer training in Glasgow with the Guild of Professional Gas Engineers, as a recognised professional and show up on their national database as an independently verified competent gas person. 

Gas Kickstart Jobs



With Only 35 Places a Year This Unique training and kick start gas registration course in Glasgow is for select candidates only. Applications should be received as early as possible - Program Costs From £5400 + Vat  - CLICK GET HELP for more information or a brochure 

We currently provide this specialist program for gas training candidates in Glasgow with a true desire to succeed. Unlike any other gas training scheme in London, or the UK, all of the on and off the job training is delivered and assessed by recognised professionals with NVQ Assessor or Verifier Teaching Qualifications.  As such we only have availability for  a handful of candidates for gas training in Glasgow at any given time.


Just like learning to drive a car or fly an airplane, you will not go in front of your ACS Gas Examiner after your gas safe training in Glasgow at one of our  approved centres / colleges until you are able to demonstrate consistent  ongoing competence, theoretically, and practically on the job in front of a registered gas assessor on all the individual gas safety disciplines, and work related roles 'Service Engineer, Commission engineer, Maintenance Engineer,  Gas Safety Inspector, Installation Engineer, etc.  For some candidates gas training in Glasgow, this can be as little as 12 weeks, for others there is no time limit because when it comes to gas safety you will need to be 100% safe.  On our Adult Apprentice and Kick Start Programs all your training will come from industry professionals so you are all but assured to be amongst the most proficient and highly paid individuals.


Successful gas engineers all start with the end goal as their target. They then remain focused and determined, continually taking steps toward their objective. In order to successfully gain employment in the gas industry in Glasgow or anywhere in the UK or abroad, gas engineers require trade qualifications, an employment history and references. Similar to gaining your driving or pilots licence, employment does not follow training without substantive proven driving or flight experience. For the majority of trainees their course concludes without any verified solo experience whatsoever. This industry is no different, gaining your acs assessments is not a ticket to a new income. A quick browse of the internet or call to an employment agency will soon reveal what should already be obvious.  This unique program addresses this by delivering a responsive solution. All Candidates completing this specialist gas training program become trainee employees of CTSGroup and complete all their pre acs training on our registration and kick start work program. Our trainees, on completion are not only ready to undertake work on their own, they are also able to start their own business, and are welcomed by many prospective employers. All your qualifications will be completed in Glasgow or at one of our national training sites on days to suit, or even online. 
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More Information on the Gas Qualifications on Offer


Gas Training and Work Experience

Our Clients and prospective employers in Glasgow and throughout the UK and Eurpoe, want a workforce that will help drive their companies through prosperity and expansion. To do this they employ key skill workers with proven audited experience. CTSGroup have been providing key skill professional gas work experience and on the job verification of competence and solo NVQ since 2004 for gas engineers training in Glasgow and the whole of the UK. We are not competing with gas portfolio building companies because UK Employers have NO INTEREST in the portfolio whatsoever. Our Clients want professional gas engineers with auditable work experience undertaken all on their own whilst in the employment of a recognised employer, they want solo appraisal certificates in the disciplines they are seeking. Because of this all of our gas work experience is carried out by Leading  Industry Gas Training and Assessment Professionals in Glasgow locally to you. All gas work experience is supervised one to one by A1 and V32 Gas Inspectors and NVQ Assessors. All Gas Work is undertaken 100% by our students on real life gas in London, no watching, no waiting, just doing all day on every training and assessment day locally throughout Glasgow and the rest of the UK. All of our students undergo a gruelling period of solo gas assessments during and after their training so that we can place them on our gas registration and kick start to work program. Except for British Gas we are confident that we are the only providers of this level of certifiable gas work experience and gas training in Glasgow, the UK or Europe.   


Your ACS Gas Assessments are carried out In a Gas Training Centre in London locally to you following a short period of revision and preparation. If we are full or find we have to place you at an alternative centre we will happilly make and pay for the travel and short period of anym lodging. We currently have approved centres in Glasgow, Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales but are happy to place you in any of our sister colleges if we are not local enough. Your Gas Qualifications will be completed on a day release basis, full or part time, or even online for busy students.

Gas ACS CCN1 and appliancesYour ACS Gas Competence Assessments usually take 3 to 7 days, You will Undertake your  Exams and Practical Centre Assessment Certificates starting with the CCN1 (Core Domestic Gas Safety Certificate)

Followed by your Practical and Theory Competence Certificates CENWAT (Gas Water Heaters and Boilers - Installation, Commission, and Maintenance). CPA1 (Combustion Performance Analysers, CKR1, Cookers, HTR1, Gas Fires and Space Heaters, MET1, Installation of Gas Meters etc. and more at your choice

Our Key Program includes your optional  LPG Crossover and Commercial Gas Competence Certificates to ensure you have a wider range of work areas and thus a wider customer base.

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Gas Safe Registration

Because we are delivering work ready gas trained engineers to our clients in Glasgow and throughout the UK, or preparing engineers to go straight to workon gas in Glasgow as part of the gas training program, it is essential that all of our students reach the mark. We are only training a small group of gas students in Glasgow and the UK each year to be LEAD GAS ENGINEERS, SUPERVISORS and MANAGERS. Our Gas Training and Get to Work Programs are so advanced that all of our successful students are automatically added to our Kick Start Gas Registration Training Program in order to complete their stage 4 training (SOLO ON THE JOB). This means getting your own gas licence card, and showing on the gas safe register with CTSGroup. This means that when you are ready to apply for gas work you will have certified, auditable evidence of your abilities on site, solo, along with valid employment references and a history working in gas. Because our gas training is so far advanced and ticks all our employers requirements we have absolutely no problems showing off our Glasgow students on the Gas Register and completing their acs gas safe training as registered gas engineers.

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We are only offering this professional gas training or kick start and adult gas apprenticeship  training program to less than 40  individuals a year in Glasgow and the rest of the UK. This Gas Trining program in Glasgow is not in competition with any other training scheme and is specific to CTSGroup. It is the most comprehensive gas engineer training and get to work program available in London and the rest of the UK and is very quickly over subscribed.

There is nothing like our gas training and registration programs anywhere in Glasgow or the rest of the UK. At under £10,000 for a rewarding lifetime professional career within the gas industry with real career advancement opportunities and prosperous income potential, it is a worthwhile investment. When you consider that this program will place you on the MOST WANTED gas engineer list ahead of any other training program in the UK except for British Gas, the cost is nothing in comparison to the rewards.

We are not selling a training course or chance of qualifications. None of those include any of the necessary skills to achieve a lasting rewarding career in Glasgow or anywhere, and EU SKILLS KNOW THIS. Spend some time on the Plumbing and Gas Forums, Investigate the Job Ads and ring round some prospective employers before jumping into a gas course that is unlikely to bring you any reward. Most Gas Courses, Including our Own College based courses are ALL designed for students who already have a proper work placement, and are already working in gas.

If you are looking for a Professional Level Income, then you will need to be amongst the top flying engineers. 
We offer a truly personal gas training experience for our customers who are looking to be amongst the Best of the Best.

There is an age old saying about Peanuts and Monkeys and we are not offering either of these. If you are seeking a productive return on your investment then you have come to the right place. Our charges for this program fully reflect the level of service and commitment we place on your success.   

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Gas Safe Courses Glasgow