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Contrary to what you may read a little research will soon prove that taking a gas course will not get you a job in this industry. Entering the industry is like learning to drive. First do your theory, then your hands on training, followed by your test. Then comes the shock. Like learning to drive when you pass your test you will need several years experience and a clean licence just to apply for a job. Unless your training is being undertaken and managed by a gas company, like ourselves or British Gas who will provide your real hands on training, post graduation experience, gas licence, income opportunity and induction to work, you will have great difficulty gaining the references, professional profile, post training experience and key skills which are needed just toapply for work. Your actual training provider is your employer who trains you to do the job and inducts you to the industry sending you to college to do your theory, not the other way round.

Part - Full or Flexi Time Gas Training

Candidates can join our employer sponsored gas training program and train locally to their own homes in Glasgow thanks to our national contractor network. Theory and practical gas training can be completed in a blend of in-college, in-centre, on-site, open-university, or in-house coursework, with your on the job gas work experience and portfolio being completed on days to suit in your local area. Our gas courses can be undertaken around existing committments, part, full time or flexi time with only minor interruption to your current employment or committments. Students begin working, under our management, developing an income at stage 4 of their training, on free days or weekends to conclude the gas training


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Everything is Included

Engineer plus is not for everyone, but for those accepted onto this program you can expect to receive:

  • Approved Engineer Status with CTSGroup
  • Advanced Engineer Qualifications
  • Key Skills certificates
  • ACS Assessments (CCN1 with CPA1, CENWAT, CKR1, HTR1, MET1)
  • Gas Safe Registration, and Gas Licence on our Kick Start Program
  • Part L Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • Essential Electrics Certificate
  • Employer References
  • Level 3 VRQ in Boiler Diagnostics
  • Professional Industry Profile

Professional Recognition

All students undertaking one of our field based gas courses are automatically registered with the Guild of Professional Gas Engineers to provide public recognition and improved income prospects after graduation.



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Four Steps To Success

4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Gas Safe Engineer
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Step 1 – Once your application to train with CTSGroup is endorsed you will be added to our approved gas engineers list. You will commence an advanced gas foundation course at your local college, centre or via our open university program.

Step 2 – With step 1 complete, you wil now meet with your field supervisor to undertake a period of on the job gas work training and lead engineer assessment. During this time we will be developing a portfolio of supervised training evidence and preparing your for your acs gas safety assessments.

Step 3  - After a short assessment you will be entered onto the 'Accedited Certification Scheme For Gas Operatives' (ACS) where you will undertake your CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety Assessment, CPA1,, CEN WAT, CKR1, plus HTR1 or MET1 You can also include LPG or Commercial certificates


Step 4 - New Entrants to the Industry now commence a stage of solo work experience on our gas registration whilst developing key skills, professional recognition and an income. You will be provided your gas licence and be able to apply for work or commence your career as a self employed person.


Approved Contractor Program

CTSGroup offer work to students on our approved contractor program on completion of their training. For information on this and our employer sponsored training programs please contact us.

Prices - Gas Courses

Employer Sponsored Training From £3880 + Vat (All Inclusive)

For candidates who are joining one of our gas training programs and already have a work placement can contact us for a revised quotation.

Gas Safe Engineer

Crossover Skills Course - is for engineers with some previous experience, or who are transferring from a related technical trade. Prices start as low as £1470 + Vat with your own work placement and £3880 + Vat to include all 4 stages on our NO FRILLS PROGRAM

Gas Safe Engineer

The New Entrants Option is for people with no related qualifications or experience but who may have transferrable life skills gained in other careers.Prices start at £4400 + Vat to include all 4 stages Gas Safe Engineer

Engineer Plus & Appropved Contractor Gas Courses - This option is for career change students who will struggle transferring their training into paid work because they have no related experience or transferrable skills. These students will likely need to undertake plumbing and pipe skill courses also. Costs for all 4 stages and pre skill training are from £5200 + Vat

Gas Safe Engineer


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